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#1 Hottest Fathers’ Day Gift Idea for 2012!

I’m sure many people tuned into this post to find out about the hot new gadget to get dad for Father’s Day.   Sorry, but there’s no update on the newest in computerized grill accessories or digitized golf toys.  Instead, I wanted to share an idea for the ultimate gift – the one that more than […]

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Mothers’ Day – Part II – “Blazing a New Trail with your Teenage Son”

It has to be one of the most heart-wrenching things a woman faces during motherhood.  You spend years and countless hours of your life pouring into your boy – meeting his emotional, physical, social and intellectual needs.  Then one day, when that magic switch of puberty turns on, his focus turns inward, and you become “Mrs. Cellophane” […]

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Mothers’ Day – Part I – “How do they know?”

I once heard a well-known national speaker say that the father is the most important contributor to the emotional well-being of both sons and daughters.  I must say this threw me for a bit of a loop as I’ve always considered moms to be the bedrock of any family. After a few days of pondering […]

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