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The New God of Our Age

The dawning of a new school year has officially closed the book on the summer of 2012.  The summer was filled with lots of fun and memorable times but I find myself longing for a couple of more bonus weeks to enjoy many of the traditional summer activities I never got to this year.  Can […]

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The Secret Thoughts of Teenage Boys

 There’s never been a more dangerous time to be a teenager in our society. The statistics on teenage drug use, depression, pregnancy, alcoholism and suicide are quite staggering and just plain sobering. Thanks to technology and the media, our kids are being bombarded with a 24/7 onslaught of fabrications, distortions and downright lies about what […]

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Equipping the Teenage Driver

 My almost 15-year old son started driver’s training this week so I took him out for a little test drive to get him ready to hit the road.  I was amazed at how little he knew about the intricacies of driving – blinkers, wipers, high beams, etc.  Then I flashed back to my first driving […]

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