About The Book

There is no magic formula for becoming a man. There is no wand to wave or magic dust to sprinkle. Becoming a man is an individual experience that is not for sale or easily acquired. If they could bottle “manhood”, like the 5-hour energy drink, it’d be worth billions. Why? Because if we’re honest, most of us guys don’t really feel like men. So most males spend their whole lives with a gnawing suspicion that a key piece of their masculinity is missing. Therefore, when it’s time to pass on what we know to our teenage sons – most of us have got nothing to give.

So who’s going to teach your teenage son what it means to be a man? How will they learn the true essence of masculinity? Chances are if they don’t learn it from dad or another male mentor, your son’s concept of manhood will be shaped by ESPN, Xbox, Madison Avenue or Hollywood. Sadly, the vast majority of fathers leave it up to the boy to figure it out on his own.

Man Quest puts a step-by-step approach to transforming boys into men of courage, honor and integrity into the hands of fathers and male mentors. Mike McCormick has captured five essential “Guideposts” designed to bring fathers and sons together on a life-changing spiritual quest. Dads (or mentors) work through interactive questions, movie nights, and creative activities with boys. Man Quest concludes with Rugged Truths Every Man Must Know – a dose of tough love that pulls no punches. Hands-on help, teaching tips, and complete agendas for celebration weekends make the journey to manhood fulfilling… and fun!

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