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Top 10 Movies with Adolescent Boy Heroes

Why are “coming of age” movies with adolescent boy heroes such a popular genre? Let’s face it, most adult men have some degree of teenage boy still pulsing through their veins.  Looking back, middle school was one of the most intense times of our lives. We were drinking from the fire hose of life and […]

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Unmasking the Alpha

Unmasking the Alpha “Michael Jordan was the alpha, alpha. Period.” — Kevin Love, Cleveland Cavs As a basketball fanatic, I was captivated by the recent ESPN docuseries The Last Dance which chronicles the final season of the ultimate G.O.A.T. — Michael Jordan. The one word that kept coming up over and over again to describe Jordan […]

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Most Interesting Man in the World

Conventional wisdom says that whenever you want to learn more about the true essence of manhood you should always consult a beer commercial.  Over the years we’ve been inundated with dim-witted guys and scantily-clad females telling us how “real men” should live.  The only constant in all these commercials seems to be that you need […]

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