Most Interesting Man in the World

February 28th, 2012 by | Print

Conventional wisdom says that whenever you want to learn more about the true essence of manhood you should always consult a beer commercial.  Over the years we’ve been inundated with dim-witted guys and scantily-clad females telling us how “real men” should live.  The only constant in all these commercials seems to be that you need a nice cold brew next to you at all times.

A couple of years ago, Dos Equis came up with the “most interesting man in the world” campaign which has proven amazingly successful.  Taking a page right out of a James Bond spy movie, “the most interesting man in the world” is a suave, obviously rich, captain of industry who is an adventurous, gambler who soaks everything out of life, spins pearls of wisdom and demands nothing but the best.  And of course he always has multiple beautiful women 30 years his junior hanging on his every word like little puppets – and oh yeah, he drinks Dos Equis.  As the popular saying goes “every woman wants to be with him and every man wants to be him.”  Give credit to the Dos Equis advertising team for spinning a tired old concept in a new and interesting way that is obviously selling some cerveza.

I’m sorry, but from my vantage point this is about the last guy I would want to ever hang out with.  I’m sure he can spin lots of nauseating tales about his adventures and conquests.   From where I sit, (I know he’s only a caricature but please bear with me), I see a scared little boy in a 60-year old body.   I doubt the women who surround a guy like this (or any Hugh Heffner body double) ever feel any true strength.  This guy seems to prey off weakness – using others for his pleasure and gain – without ever providing anything real in return.  That’s not what a man does.   That’s not the essence of a man.  I would surmise at the end of the day “the most interesting man in the world”  has nothing of any real value to give to anybody in his life.

How about celebrating a guy who speaks plainly, is passionate, cares deeply for those he loves, has firm beliefs and convictions but is not locked into one mindset, open to learning new things, steps into conflict, brings order to uncertain situations, eager to hear from God and follow his call, is always looking for the deeper meaning.  This guy might not sell a lot of suds, but that’s a guy I want to hang out with – that’s a guy I aspire to be.

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