MQ Guideposts

MAN Quest:  the six guideposts

Accept Responsibility
If anything good is going to happen, a man knows it’s up to him and he must act.  A man doesn’t sit around and wait for somebody else to do what needs to be done.


Lead Courageously
There’s injustice all around us and a battle to be waged. A man moves into uncomfortable places and uses his strength to bring order and bless others.


Pretend About Nothing
A man lives in truth and requires truth from others.


Journey with God
A man listens closely for God’s quiet voice and “picks up his cross daily” to go wherever he leads.


Protect Your Heart
A man fills his mind, body, and spirit with things that are true, noble, pure, lovely, right, admirable, praiseworthy and excellent.


Engage in Deep and Meaningful Relationships
A man doesn’t live in emotional isolation. He engages in close relationships and seeks out people to share life with, especially other men.