“Athletes. Soldiers. Businessmen. Every victor has a game plan for success. Everyone except fathers. Finally, a resource that gives fathers and mentors a playbook for coaching their boys up on what it takes to be a man. Every boy need a clear and compelling definition of what it means to be a man and Man Quest delivers a healthy set of guideposts to jump start them on their journey of a lifetime. Boys who never become men do a lot of damage in our society. It’s an epidemic that society just can’t ignore. I applaud every effort to lead boys into manhood and Man Quest enlists dads and mentors to teach the boys what real and true masculinity should look like.”

Joe Ehrmann, Pastor, Coach, NFL Legend & Author of InSideOut Coaching


“Most of us want to teach our boys about authentic manhood but we don’t always know what to say or where to start. Man Quest is the perfect guide for fathers who want to equip their teenage boys with the right stuff and start them on the adventure of a lifetime.”

Dave Dombrowski, General Manager – Detroit Tigers


“Feeling like a spectator in your son’s life? Man Quest is the game changer every father needs to have a defining and forever impact on his son. Here’s the truth – our window of influence is much smaller than we think and it’s over in the blink of an eye. I urge you to get moving and take your son on the Man Quest. Don’t waste another minute!”

Steve Andrews, Lead Pastor, Kensington Community Church


“The radical teachings of Jesus should be of great interest to men in our society but sadly they are not. As a result, today’s boys are learning a nice, sanitized “do the right thing” faith or nothing at all. Men and boys are dying for a transcending faith that connects their heart and soul to the bigger world. With ingenuity and creativity, “Man Quest” makes the crucial link between manhood and faith in a way that teenage boys can respect and any father can easily teach.”

Danny O’Brien, Senior Pastor – Grace Fellowship Church


“This book engaged me in a relationship with my teenage son that I never knew was possible. Man Quest provided the road map for a journey of intentional conversations with my son that was simply life changing for both of us. As a result, we’ve established a common language and a common grid from which we can discuss real life issues. I started out doing this for my son and it totally re-shaped my paradigm of what a man should do and be in today’s world.”

Jim Piper, Man Quest Father


“I enjoyed the straight-up conversations with my dad and friends. I learned a lot about my dad I never knew and we definitely got a lot closer. I really liked watching the movies and talking about man stuff. I have no doubt I will carry this experience with me for a lifetime.”

David Piper, 14-year old son of Jim


“There’s a lot of confusion in our culture today over what makes a man and our boys are getting all the wrong messages. Man Quest meets an incredible need for fathers and teenage sons to spend quality time together exploring a manhood definition that’s real and trustworthy”.

Matt Stover, Retired Placekicker – Baltimore Ravens, 4th All-time NFL leading scorer


“In a culture where discipleship has become a “lost art,” the Man Quest workbook is so refreshing. It’s surprising to me how few materials are available to help men take this all-important step and then pass it on to the next generation. Mike’s work is biblically sound, user friendly and something that will provide a trustworthy “road map” for those who want to disciple young men. It’s certainly a new and valuable resource guide in my ministry with young men.”

Gary Wilmer, Young Life Regional Director, Chesapeake Bay Region