Top Father’s Day Present of 2014

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Top 25 ManQuest Father Tips

 There’s an “Ultimate List of 45 Man Tips” floating around on the internet that I found quite interesting and amusing.  Most of the words of fatherly advice were practical pieces of information to help a son succeed in life, such as “buy a plunger before you need a plunger” and “give a firm handshake” and “compliment her shoes”.  

 While I always appreciate the effort to pass along some manly wisdom to the next generation, the list that was posted barely scratched below the surface of the masculine experience.   The list caused me to pause and wonder if a bunch of quips and trite anecdotes was really the best wisdom we have for our maturing sons.

 There’s one thing’s for certain.  Our young men are craving fatherly wisdom and they are looking for adult men to show them the way and provide something that’s real and meaningful to build their manhood upon.  So I sat down and drew up a list of the Top 25 ManQuest Father Tips that every young man needs to hear.

 This Father’s Day I encourage you to sit down with a young man – son, stepson, mentee, player, grandson, nephew, etc. – and use the Top 25 to engage him in a conversation about what it means to be a man.  Remember, it’s your day to do whatever you want with!  There’s no doubt it will be the greatest Fathers’ Day present you will ever give!  Here’s the 25 I will be sharing with my boys on Sunday:

 Be a “yes” man – put yourself out there and try new things.

  1. Don’t sit around and wait for somebody else to do what you know needs to be done – show up, stand up, speak up for what you believe.
  2. Having the difficult conversation isn’t fun.  It may blow up in your face.  But in the end, it’s better to just say what you need to say.
  3. A man will bleed for those he loves.  Be ready to act when the time comes.
  4. Never feel powerful when another person is powerless.
  5. Be vulnerable.  Share from your heart more than your head.
  6. Give yourself to something bigger than the accumulation of power, prestige, possessions, and experiences.  Don’t let a bigger paycheck be the driving force for your career decisions.
  7. Avoid the slippery slope when it comes to integrity.  One small compromise will surely lead to another and another.
  8. The people who bug you the most are usually those who are most like you…cut them some slack. 
  9. Practice assigning unsurpassable value to those people who are the least like you or need it the most.
  10. Resist the urge to fix other people’s problem…learn to listen and ask questions.
  11. Don’t aspire to be a part of the “in crowd”.  Oftentimes, the most wonderful people are not there.
  12. Do hard things and over time they won’t feel so hard.
  13. Pretend about nothing and you’ll never get lost.
  14. When you feel “stuck” in life…don’t wallow.  Seek counsel, choose a direction and get moving.
  15. You will fail.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Hit the reset button and get back in the game.
  16. Holding off on sex before marriage may seem old fashioned, but it creates a foundation of mutual trust that’s well worth the wait.
  17. Don’t get married until you find somebody you would gladly lay your life down for.
  18. Open your heart to God first thing every morning (prayer, meditation, reflection, scripture).
  19. If your religious experience is not moving you toward a position of love and compassion, then try a different path.
  20. Always have at least one male friend who you can be 100% honest with & always seek out a life mentor who will challenge you in new ways.
  21. Everything you put into your brain filters into your heart.  Protect your heart by saying no to the things that will slowly destroy you like pornography, drugs, explicit music, violent videos, gambling & a life of cheap thrills.
  22. Try your hardest to show up for the big events and occasions for those you love (moving day, funeral, birth, graduation, illness, etc.).
  23. Always deliver bad news to somebody face to face.
  24. Keep in mind that someone else doesn’t have to lose in order for you to win.


Happy Father’s Day!

Mike McCormick


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